Norwegian personal Statement

Writing a personal statement in Norway is similar to crafting one for many other countries, but there are some peculiarities and cultural considerations to keep in mind.

Here are some key points to consider when writing a personal statement for a Norwegian application:

  1. Clarity and Directness. Norwegian culture values honesty, directness, and clarity. When writing your personal statement, be concise and straightforward in expressing your goals, motivations, and qualifications. Avoid excessive embellishments and flowery language.
  2. Relevance. Focus on relevant information. In Norway, admissions committees appreciate personal statements that directly address why you’re interested in the program and how your qualifications match their requirements.
  3. Education System. In Norway, education is highly regarded, so be sure to emphasize your academic achievements and how they’ve prepared you for the program you’re applying to.
  4. Extracurricular Activities. While academic achievements are important, you should also mention any extracurricular activities, hobbies, or volunteer work that demonstrate your skills, character, and commitment. Norwegian institutions often value a holistic view of applicants.
  5. Motivation and Goals. Clearly explain your motivations for pursuing the program and your long-term goals. Be honest about why you’re interested in the specific program and how it aligns with your aspirations.
  6. Cultural Fit. Mention how you believe you’ll fit into the Norwegian academic and social environment. Do some research about the university’s values and culture to demonstrate your awareness.
  7. Independence and Self-Reliance. Norway places a strong emphasis on individual responsibility and independence. If you have experiences that highlight your ability to work independently or show self-reliance, be sure to mention them.
  8. Brevity. Keep your personal statement concise. In Norway, shorter statements are often preferred, typically ranging from 500 to 700 words.
  9. Proofread and Language. Ensure that your personal statement is free from grammatical errors and typos. If you’re not a native Norwegian speaker, consider having a native speaker review your statement for language accuracy and cultural appropriateness.
  10. Honesty. Honesty is valued in Norway. Be genuine and truthful in your personal statement. Exaggerations and dishonesty can be viewed negatively.
  11. References. If you have references or letters of recommendation, be sure to include them in your application. Strong endorsements from reputable sources can bolster your application.
  12. Tailor for Each Application. Avoid using a generic personal statement for multiple applications. Customize your statement for each university or program to demonstrate your genuine interest.
  13. Check University Requirements. Double-check the specific requirements and guidelines provided by the university or program you’re applying to. Some institutions may have unique expectations.